Do I even run, praying for prayer, and doing all the things!!!

Tuesday... what can I say?

How is your day so far? It's really not bad here. Oh sure, there are negative things I could dwell on, but I want to focus on the good stuff. Let's be honest, there really is a lot of good stuff.

Who's a runner?

Me? You've got to be kidding. I haven't run in a week! That doesn't mean I'm not a runner, I still am. I'm just on a little break. The weather hasn't helped much either. You know I hate that dreadmill treadmill, but with the rain we have received, and will receive again, I may be chugging it out on the belts. Tomorrow. We'll see if I go tomorrow. For today we have sun, and today we road run! Runner friend and I have our weekly date night, and plan to get a few miles in. Toes crossed that her feet allow it.

Praying for prayer

How often do you pray for other people? How do you pray for them? What are you lifting up to God on their behalf?

Often we pray for those we know and love, and also strangers, that they would be healed, or receive a blessing. Maybe they are waiting on a job offer, or a doctor's diagnosis; maybe they wish to become pregnant, or fall in love. We have so many 'wishes' in our lives that we share with our circle, asking for prayer that those wishes would come true. 

God hears them. He will provide what He knows is best, when it is best. In the meantime, we are encouraged to pray for what we need. What if what we (or they) need, isn't tangible supplication, but rather an open heart? Think of someone you pray for. Whether or not they have received the blessings you petitioned for, they need to go before God, humbly, and ask for His blessing. Not necessarily for the job/baby/lottery numbers/thinner thighs, but for a heart that is accepting of His will. If we pray for anything, but aren't willing to accept a 'no' (which in God's plan is also a 'yes') then we will never be satisfied with the result. 

We can't make anyone go to God. We can't make anyone be broken in pride enough to ask for the Spirit to fill them. We can pray for it though. The next time you go to God in prayer for someone, ask Him that they bring their burdens to Him personally. That they ask for their spirit to be that of Christ and not of themselves. That they plead with God to have His way, and that they be willing to accept it. 

Pray that they would pray.

Here are some things I did, some things we did, and some things I like. That's what Tuesday is all about around here.

 We found a loggerhead turtle in the wash out during our recent flooding. Did you know that they can weigh up to 200lbs?!

This one wasn't that big, but it wasn't small either. Every time it snapped we jumped and flinched. It's hard not to, they are very fast. No one lost any appendages, and we sent the turtle on it's way after a short visit and science lesson.

I like learning.

I ate Subway. Yes, those are my Funyons. No, those aren't my tacos. I won't comment on whether or not I ate them later in the day.

A Ford graveyard in Quinlan, TX. 

I have way too many succulents growing in a mound on the south side of my porch. I happen to have access to a bunch of tree scraps. Maybe I can snag a few hunks and give this a go.

Do you like milk? I only like it because it makes my Cocoa Dino Bites easier to eat. I don't want to spend extra money on vanilla Silk or almond milk just to pour on cereal. However, no matter how small of a carton I buy, I usually end up pouring it down the drain because it sours before I can finish it. I could eat cereal for every meal, but I don't think he'd want to dine with me as much.

Thanks cows.

The best:

 Reverse, reverse

 You never ask me any questions. What do you want to know?


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