TWPICK Thursday, sharing is caring, and a few littles.

Happy ThoseWhitePantsICallKhaki Thursday! I'm working from my second office today, so they don't know that my pants are the same pants I wear EVERY Thursday. Shhh, don't tell anyone.

It's still raining, our spillway is about to spill over, and the sky is grey. I doubt I'll get to the lake this weekend. Alligators, snakes, and closed roads are killing the summer vibe. It's opening weekend of lake season and we're all super bummed.

Trust me, 8 weeks from now we'll be in a drought. Stupid weather.

Sharing is Caring
Did you know that the believers in Acts sold their belongings and shared the money with each other as needed? They used everything they had to make sure everyone was equal and taken care of. No hunger, no lack.
Our world seems to be geared toward obtaining and maintaining, rather than sharing. We teach our children to share at a young age, but somewhere down the line we begin picking and choosing what we share and with whom. What good is a big house if it sits empty? What good is all the food in your pantry if you don't even eat it? What good is your second vehicle if it's never driven?
Many people go homeless, hungry, and lonely through every day of their life. I'm not saying you have to open your home to strangers, but maybe open your home to someone in your circle, whenever they need it. Maybe they want to have family meals once a week with extended family, but they don't have room. Share your home. You may know someone that doesn't qualify for assistance, but can't afford to feed their family like you can. Do you have groceries you know you won't use? Make a delivery! You don't have to sell your second vehicle and give the money away, but if you know of a neighbor that has been stranded and on foot, hand over the keys. You do pay for insurance for a reason....
It is hump we have trouble getting over. We don't want to give things away that we like, and we fear damage or loss if we lend them out. However, everything we have was given to us by God, for use in His kingdom. You can hang on to it and be satisfied that you have it, but I guarantee there is greater joy in giving. Maybe just give it a try...
Little of this, little of that
Delivery chicken came by last night. Another dozen eggs. I like delivery chicken a lot.

You probably don't know about my secret coffee challenge I have had with my across-the-street neighbors, as I was blog-silent for most of 2014. They moved in last summer, and I started my own competition to beat them to the porch every weekend morning for coffee. You're the winner if you're there to wave first. (It got a little sad being alone all the time)
Anyway, these are the same neighbors that ignited d├ęcor envy in this post. Yesterday they were eating lunch on the porch, so we decided to one-up them: we had dinner on the porch last night. You're move neighbors....
It's extra fun because they happen to be his good friends.
I forgot to show you what I bought! I finally got throw pillows for the living room. I also bought some kitchen towels, and a glass container for my guest room toiletries. Oh, and a new sheet set. Now I have 2 1/2 sets. I'm so grown up.
This was the same day that I was in ATSneighbors house. I won't admit that I bought this stuff as a result.
Have a super, great, awesome, fantastic Thursday.
Find something to smile about.
Don't be afraid of giving, but don't be afraid of receiving either. It doesn't make you weak. It means someone loves you.


  1. I love the glass container for the guest bath and the pillows! Thanks for sharing your home!


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