Pinterest night, love languages, and look what he bought me!

Can we just vote to not get up in the mornings anymore? Today was the worst. I don't know what magical force was holding me to the mattress, but I just couldn't get going. Once I was up, dressed, and had braided my hair, I almost left without makeup! And I didn't wash my tanning spray off from last night. I'm a mess today.

Alone in my room

So I spent most of last night on Pinterest. If you follow my boards, you saw the mass of pins I dumped on everyone. I don't usually browse the 'everything' board. This is why:

 I was taking a mental vacation to Jackson Hole, WY.

I got lost in the fields, dreaming of a distant cabin

I found pictures of an amazing patio. One I could spend every summer night on.

I apparently got a bit deep into the motivational quotes.

 And a few randoms. You know me, I can't resist this stupid fox.  I have pinned it half a dozen times already.

We just don't understand

Have you ever read the Five Love Languages? It's been a long time, but I remember mine. I also remember thinking that we have more than just one or two. In how I feel loved,  I have my primary: words of affirmation, and my secondary: acts of service. I don't lack self-esteem. This is just a way in which I feel loved. When I'm told you are proud of my effort, or thank me for being this or that, I feel loved. Appreciation is a way to describe it.  I'm also not helpless. I can do things for myself, but if you do things for me, I feel valued. My schedule, my needs, and my interests can receive attention if you help lighten my workload. This doesn't always mean chores though. Maybe you made my coffee just the way I like it, or you picked up my favorite apples at the store. It borders on 'gifts' sometimes, but it's still an act of service to me. Opening the door (probably my #1), walking on the outside of me in public (my other #1), doing anything outside in the cold so I don't have to (that's a #1 also).

We also have love languages that we use toward our significant other. Where we mess up is assuming theirs are the same as ours. I feel loved when I receive words of affirmation, but you just appreciate those as a compliment. Maybe you feel loved by receiving gifts; knowing I was thinking of you. You may feel loved through touch more than any other form of affection. We have to be sure to read each others language or else we'll never satisfy the other person's need.

It can get pretty involved, and very confusing. The human heart and mind is so complex, we screw up trying too hard to figure it all out!

This got me thinking (like always). God wants us to share Him with others. We are taught to make disciples. Acts of loving kindness toward our neighbors, patience, forgiveness, and honesty. In these ways we love God by loving others. But in the stillness, what does He really want? He just wants us. Our time. Our heart. Our attention. Our presence. Just us. God doesn't need us to figure out a love language, or send Him flowers, or hold His hand just right.

Don't wear yourself out trying to figure out if you're doing love right. Whether it's love in this life, or spiritual love, just relax.
I'm a pepper
I know I just talked about gifts not being one of my love languages, but that doesn't mean I don't like them! :) Look what came back from the swap meet* for me?

*I have a much better name for it, that someone doesn't appreciate.
Lookin' out my back door
(you know you just sang that)


  Co-garden has it's first fruits. The tomato plants are producing! In total we already have at least a dozen cherry tomatoes on the vines. I sprinkled a bit more compost last night before the big rain storm. I have Sevin dust on hand for the aphids attacking the okra leaves. (I know. Yes, I'm shaking in my garden boots. Pray for me)

It's a very exciting time on the farm.



Are you growing things? On purpose?

What is your love language?


  1. No tomatoes on my patio vine yet, but I got a late start. Lots of herbs though!


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