TWPICK Thursday, new DL, and it's not spinach but it's not a snickers

It's TWPICK Thursday - reloaded! I have new white pants today. Aaaaaand it's pouring outside. I was trapped in my truck for a while. White pants....rain... you do the math. I sent a distress email for coffee, but it was a no-go; it was raining on the other side of town too.

Our weather forecast right now says the 'first wave of severe storms...'. First wave. We are now an ocean from sky to sand, and the storms are coming in legitimate waves. Over and over and over. So water logged!

I did get to weed co-garden a bit last night, but gave up after I had fed every mosquito in the county. The air is thick, the mosquitos are thicker, and my patience was thin. Co-garden is producing well though. We have a few dozen chocolate/cherry and cherry tomatoes on the vine, cucumbers are beginning to take shape, and the growkra pods are getting bigger! If you've been here for this year's planting stories, you are breathing a sigh of relief with me.

Back to the old me

You know I recently went back to my maiden name, and that means I have to change my identity everywhere. Today I plan to get a new driver license, in the rain. 

Years back I had the BEST DL picture ever. I think it was in 2007. I was tan, thin, my hair looked amazing. I compared my license picture in 2011 to that one for the past 4 years. Now it's due again, and I get a name change. There is a lot of pressure on this picture. 

Do you practice and prepare for your DL renewal? I've seen some wild ones over the years. I don't think everyone thinks about it as much as I do. 
Bootleg snacks

You know I got the snacks. 

~boiled eggs
~figgies and jammies
~iced coffee
~applesauce that I figured out is baby food...

...well, I'll have the iced coffee at 11 when the cupcake place opens. Open, open, open, open, open.

Yesterday I wanted Fritos, but chose peanuts instead. My justification was that they aren't spinach, but they aren't a Snickers. That makes them ok, right?

It's almost Friday, and that's almost good enough for me. 
What plans do you already have for the weekend?


  1. I'm the least photogenic person I know and my DL always reflects this.


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