#Facethefuschia, being the caregiver, and what to do this weekend?

How much do you like BBQ? Let me tell you about some Okies from the FBC that would face the fuschia to get some Smokin' Joes. 1 1/2 hr drive, in blinding rain, in construction, on a major highway, in a church bus with a bad tire... 11 people, most under 21, on a mission from God to get the best BBQ around.

Ok, maybe God didn't send us out for smoked chicken and brisket, but I bet if He tried it, he'd most definitely want us to go.

It was a very thrilling trip. We all laughed a lot, maybe too much at times. Laughter can help you escape the reality of danger. Maybe we shouldn't have been so aloof. Oh well! Tra lah lah, tra lah lah.

We made it to dinner, an hour ahead of closing (that's a whole different story) and ate until we were tired. We stopped by Falls Creek for a minute, and headed back to town. The return trip was less threatening, but no less stressful. Oh, the joys of group travel.

Care Bears

We've talked a lot lately about loving people, patience, and being available for others. When you do these things, in ways that the recipient likes/responds to, you are caring for them. 

What do you do when you don't know how to care for someone? Remember how we discussed our spiritual gifts like compassion, i.e. pep talks? I'm still terrible at it. When faced with a situation in which I need to express compassion, I go blank. I am so in tune with the needs of others, but I fail at showing it.

What are we to do in these moments? 

This is what I've come up with. If I'm wrong, give me better advice in the comments. I'm up front with those closest to me that I'm not good with saying the right thing, at the right time. That doesn't excuse me from being of comfort to them though. I'm left with just 'being there'. A shoulder to cry on, a hug, a hand to hold. Not everyone needs someone to say something, they just need someone to be there. Whether they admit they want the companionship or not, they likely will appreciate it. Hearts recognize hearts. Taking time out of your schedule to just sit with someone in need is more powerful than all the words in all the Hallmark cards in all the world. That's a lot!

For any of my people out there reading this, just know, in your lowest of lows and darkest of days, I'll be there to listen, to wipe away your tears, and to hold you tighter than you can imagine.

...but I probably won't talk about it. If you've ever asked for my advice, then you know why. :)
 Chicken coop

Why did the chicken cross the road? To deliver eggs to my house. I had a chicken stop by my house this week. He left me 18 treats in my refrigerator. Thanks!

 April showers bring May flowers, and May showers

It's supposed to rain all weekend. I had planned to haul my SUP to the lake for a quick run out. I had a few other outdoor activities on my agenda, but all have been cancelled. I'm pretty much left with mopping and moping. 

What do you do during rainy weekends? Don't say read. Just don't even go there.



Now that you've had time to think about your strengths and weaknesses, what are you best at? What are you not blessed at?

Do you feel comforted by the presence of someone?
Did you come up with a new name for scooter? 


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