It'sTWPICK Thursday!!!

Guten Tag! I just sneezed all over my desk. Ugh.

It's wet and gross outside. I'm allergic to something today. I had to go to the office early. My hair is weird. My hands are sticky. What else can I whine about?

I wore yellow today with my 'khaki' pants. Finally broke that navy streak.

Your heart on your sleeve vs. a chip on your shoulder

I'm a touchy-feely kinda gal. I get my feelings hurt easily, I get angry at the stupidest things, I can hold a grudge like it's my job. When I get offended or upset I get a twist in the pit of my stomach that seems to grip my throat, and I usually end up in tears. Not usually in front of you, but it happens. I take things personally, and I fear that people dislike me way more than I should. My emotions drive my mood, and sometimes it can be crushing. 

I've put a lot of energy into changing this over the last year and a half. I want to offer my heart to those around me, but it's hard at times to ignore that twinge that happens when I'm insulted, walked on, ignored, or made to feel as though someone is superior to me. I'm a total baby,  I know.

We have to be careful about exposing our tenderness, but if we choose to do so, we must be prepared to accept the pain that can come with it. Not everyone will be as careful with us as we'd like, and some won't realize they are hurting us. Don't get a chip on your shoulder because people don't know you wear your heart on your sleeve.

Decor envy

My neighbor's house is so cool inside. Actually, I have 2 neighbors that have created decor envy in me.
Yesterday I discovered the second one. Pinterest boards come to life in that place. So. Jealous. Going back into my house was sad. I have no theme. I have no collections of travel inspired knick-knacks. My rooms don't flow. 

I've never felt that decor was too important. It doesn't (or shouldn't) define the amount of comfort and love in my home. It does look nice, but do we do it because it makes us feel more at home, or are we just trying to impress guests? I have 211 pins on my home decor pinboard for just the house in general. That doesn't include the boards for laundry rooms, my bedroom, hallways, bathrooms, exterior design, and cabin ideas. Either I need to get to decorating, or I need to get a life outside my Pinterest house.

So why do we decorate?  Tell me what you think. Does your house actually look like the pictures we pin, or does it look like mine: furniture, random pictures, mismatched lamps, ...and some dust?

I bet most of us live in a world completely opposite of what we present on our social media platform. Let's open our doors and windows and see how similar we really are. Then, let's go to those really cool neighboring houses and make them come decorate for us!
But, I'm right!
You know when you have a point, and you want to defend yourself because you'd totally be right, but you don't because it's not worth starting a possible confrontation? I hate that. 

I think this may be in line with that 'dying to oneself' thing we're supposed to do. If the only gain is the personal satisfaction of being smarter than someone, we probably should keep it to ourselves.
...even though we're totally right! :)

Are you a sleeved heart or a guarded heart?

Do you have themed rooms at home?

Are you smarter than me and you're just keeping it to yourself?


  1. I have a couple Pinterest-y type things in my house, but mostly it's Pinterest projects in process. PPiP.


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