Big hair, getting my scooter fixed, and doing all the things!!

Tuesday, here you are. I've been waiting for you. We're going to make today great, regardless of opposing forces. We have our sun dress on, our tall spring shoes, and sporting some BIG hair. You can't extinguish my good vibes today.

Big hair brought to you by: 5 miles of torture. When it's over, you'll be soaked; it may be sweat, it may be tears. Probably both. I hate washing my hair everyday (as you know), so thank you, thank you, PSSST brand and Batiste brand for making yummy smelling dry shampoo. This product combined with the natural high altitude of my hair, and the fluff producing power of my sweat can create some major pageant hair. Watch out Ms. Universe, this coif is comin' atcha!

It's also Cinco de Mayo. I don't have any reason to celebrate anything special on this day, but do you know what the celebration is for? Don't look on wikipedia! Don't do it! Be smarter. Dig into that brain.

Ok, it's the celebration of victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla (May 5, 1862). De nada.

Here comes a feeling

Let's be a wet blanket for a minute. Are you an optimist, or a pessimist? Don't be shy, let it out. You can be either. In order for us to have balance, we need both. So be honest. I am naturally a pessimist, but I work really, really hard to be an optimist. Really hard. Exhausting, hair tugging, eye rolling, big, deep sigh, teeth gritting, lasers-from-the-eyes, hard.

Lately I've felt, .....defeated? That may not be the appropriate word, but it's the one we'll use here. My eyes see the good in almost everything. My heart feels the good in almost everything. My mind can focus on the good in almost everything. The ability to do this on the regular is a gift in my opinion. The part you may not realize is how taxing it can be. In one way because I have to intentionally find good; I have to choose to see the positive rather than the negative. This is exhausting because negativity comes to me more naturally than positivity. The other emotional/physical drain is the constant battering my optimism receives. I bet you don't realize how many times each day you are negative, or pessimistic. The optimistic people notice it though. We're positive that you'll find a way to be negative. (harhar) You don't have to stop, we aren't going to stop. Could you at least humor us now and then? No? Yeah, I knew you'd say that. :)

And I will call upon Your name
And keep my eyes above the waves
When oceans rise
My soul will rest in Your embrace
For I am Yours and You are mine

I keep pushing forward and up. I can't give up. I just pray that my efforts are appreciated. If they aren't, in the end I'll at least have less frown lines than the next girl.

Hug an optimist today.

Scoot, scoot, scoot

You remember Norm N. Scooter (*), right?! He's been out of commission since late fall. This girl didn't know that you should only use 100% gas in a small engine. This girl didn't know that you shouldn't store it in the garage with said 'gas' in it over the winter. Well, thanks to my girl-ness, it doesn't run. It's May 5th and I have yet to scoot. The drought is almost over though. I've had a wonderful offer from his father to fix my little scooter friend. We will drop it off this week, and hopefully soon I'll be buzzing through the streets again! This lifts my spirits enormously. Summer is here; I'm ready for sunshine on my shoulders.

*I think he needs a better name. Any suggestions?
  She is who she is

Yesterday I got 5 miles in. I felt horrible. It was the most difficult 5 miles I've done in a long time. I didn't stop, but I was not happy. To top it off, I was made aware of my '#1' status by a guy with Texas plates (big surprise). In Oklahoma a red light means stop. I'm thinking it's not the same in Texas. I proceeded with my green light. He didn't like that too much. People....

 I can do both. Speaking of roses, I need to trim my knock-outs. Ugh. What a task. I understand why people let them grow wild and carefree. It's a real pain to shape them.

Rejoice in the roses. Ignore the thorns.

I hope you have a neat day. I hope things go swell. You are a keen person to know, and I'm happy to have you around.

I hope you enjoy the things that make me smile. Just find something joyful today. God gives us so much. Tease your hair big, put on your highest heels, wear a little too much lip gloss. If you smile, you'll make someone else smile; and you might just make their day.

Are you smiling yet?
Are you being a pessimist today or an optimist? No point being pessimistic, it wouldn't work out anyway.
What silly things make you smile?
Two Seinfeld-isms in one post?! This is madness!!!
Don't forget to leave name suggestions for scooter in the comments. I'll do a future post with the final choice.



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