TWPICK Thursday (extra special), and we figured it out!

Here at That Curl can RUN! I have my regular traditions, such as khaki Thursday. Every so often these traditions mix with other cool things, and make an extra special day.


I'm trying really hard to be excited about it. You know in the past they weren't the best days. So far I saw my fave right after midnight, have gotten a heap of well wishes, and a few great cards in the mail. Thanks mom and dad, you totally know me. I do feel as though my mother's words of advice in her card are a bit cryptic, but as I'm supposed to be turning over a new leaf, I'm not going to read into it too much.

I can't lift my arms. This workout is kicking my butt! It's so amazing. You keep hanging in there, I'll share it with you shortly.

 We figured out what 'mystery seeds' grow. Remember the little Gerber dish mom gave me with the black rock-like seeds in it?

They produce Four O'Clocks!

Mom says they'll bloom fully in later afternoon (hence the name) and are a beautiful light pink color.



What are you doing for my birthday?

How is your workout going?


  1. Mystery flowers on your birthday! How exciting!


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