TWPICK Thursday, the lazy continues.

 Warning: I've already read today's post, it's not very interesting.

So, it's Thursday again.

Last night was delayed girl's night with runner friend. We didn't run, but we did eat loaded bakedpotatoes. Nothing says fitness like a bunch of carbs covered in cheese and bacon. Florida beach body, here I come!

This is really how I feel lately, so it's a good thing I took it easy last night. 


Do you remember us getting the books Boundaries in Dating? We never actually got around to reading them together, but I've been reading here and there on my own. If you're dating, you really should pick it up. Especially if you're dating after a long relationship. We get rooted in our behavior, and our assumptions, based on previous encounters and it's really hard to change. This book has opened my eyes to things I do without thinking. I surely don't want to end up hurt, or hurting someone, so I'm on a mission to get things right this time. God willing.

Super salad

Have you ever had dried cherries on salad? Do it, it's totally worth it.

Lazy: the saga continues

After girls potato night last night, I managed to put sweat pants on and lay on the couch watching Monster-in-law. I love that movie. I did eat some cereal at 10pm, and then went to bed. My workout partner had to cancel, so I slept in...until 7:10. At least I showered today.


  1. I love dried berries/cherries on a salad, especially if there are walnuts/pecans/other nuts on it too.

  2. I didn't have any nuts, but the cherries were so good!


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