Long talks, short nights, and lots of coffee

Good gracious, it's finally Friday. Why has this week been so stupid?

I've had a lot of enjoyable moments, but overall, I could have done without this week. Can you hear my eyes rolling?
Nom nom:

I haven't gotten my delivery from Blue Apron yet, so we're still on our own for dinner ideas. (I still can't figure out where my cooking skills/initiative went over the past year)

Last night was my turn, and I had a great idea. Chicken breast, red potatoes, cherry tomatoes, and asparagus. Seasoned with fresh rosemary (from his house), basil (from my mom), and garlic.

It was very yummy. I don't like to use chicken breast at home often as it turns out dry, but this was moist, and the rosemary/basil/garlic soaked in nicely.

Unfortunately our schedule for the evening didn't coincide with my plan for dinner, so we just ate this part. I had fresh Parmesan, garlic bread, and salad lined up, but ran out of time. It's ok. It's 196 degrees in Oklahoma right now, and we were in a hurry. Quick, light dinners are just fine.
 Here comes a feeling:

After our evening wound down we discussed some deeper topics for an hour or so. ...over donuts, of course.

In my past having conversations about important issues would scare me. I'm always afraid that my position on certain topics will disagree with someone else, and I'll end up feeling inadequate or wrong. ?? I know, always too concerned.

Anyway, that wasn't the case last night.

Relationships deepen when you have discussions like this. You get to know each other better, and, you learn to trust more. You have to truly trust a person in order to share things that hurt, things that really matter, and things that scare you.

I feel loved. I feel valued. I feel safe.

On the lighter side:

I also feel tired! I haven't slept well most nights lately. I don't know why. Stupid body. I know part of it is lack of exercise, lower water intake, stress, and the heat.

Here's to coffee today, and naps ALL WEEKEND!


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