Friday, please go quickly, and say some prayers.

It's here: Friday. I say that without an exclamation mark because it's with limited excitement.

Good things about this Friday:

  • I came to work late because I was at church camp. 
  • I got to have a 1.5 hr drive with the dude this morning.
  • I have coffee.
  • It IS Friday.
  • I'm going to see the parental units today.
  • It's payroll day.
  • I look nice.

Bad things about this Friday:

  • It's payroll day.
  • The beardface leaves today.
  • I'm not tan.
  • It's crazy busy at the office.

Regardless of how I weigh the situtation, it IS a good day. God gave me this day, and I won't squander it.
Jesus + nothing = EVERYTHING

This is faith + girl crying here. Last night's sermon at the cabin took my little battered heart and loved it, and petted it, and squeezed it, and called it George.

I've read a lot, and talked a lot, and thought a lot about not focusing on my 'works'. Works without faith are dead. (James 2) What I never considered was MY FOCUS on my 'Jesus thing' works. I know that I can't volunteer my way into heaven. I can't tithe my way into heaven. I can't even read my bible into heaven. Those are just things I do in my Christian walk because they are good and/or I enjoy them. I know those things won't get me to heaven, but what I hadn't considered was my neglect of other things WHILE doing those things. The negative space. If you are doing one thing, then you are surely NOT doing another. If my mind is busy making lists, or trying to help someone get connected to a church group, or trying to put together a blog post about my recent study in Acts, what am I neglecting to do?

Have I forgotten to forgive myself for past sin? Have I forgotten to pray about the scripture I'm reading? Have I forgotten to walk like Jesus while I was busy trying to look like him through works?

When God said that nothing we do can get us there, He meant it. Nothing. No earthly action. We should do good things, but they aren't the point.

Jesus + nothing = EVERYTHING 

When I face judgement day, will God know me by name, or only by the name tags I wear with my job title on it? 

Say a prayer for safe travels. Many of us will take to the roads and sky in the next few days. Not only should we pray for sharp attention on our part, but that of others traveling as well, so that no one causes an accident. Pray for health, rest, relaxation, and patience.

I want all of you to be right back here every single day, and I know you want me back too. And what good is my blog if I don't have stories to share about others? Let's make sure they make it home safe (and quick) as well.

See you Monday for a weekend recap, and virtual hugs!!! 

Where are you going this weekend?

When was the last time God's word really spoke to you?



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