Disgruntled Monday? Nah, it's just another day.

Here we are friends, Monday. I'm in the office early because one of my girls is on vacation this week. This schedule cuts down on my post-walk morning nap time, but, it does allow me to skip out earlier in the afternoon. I need as much extra time as I can get this week, I have to soak up all the beardface that I can.

The weekend wasn't nearly as long as I would have liked, but I got in plenty of good stuff.

I got to SUP on Saturday. Our lake is still really high, and the marinas are ghost towns. Twisted boat docks, flooded pavilions, and trash, trash, trash. It's very eerie out there. I didn't go alone, so there were no worries, but it just wasn't like any other July at the lake.

Afterwards I broke 1/4 of my big toenail off with my board. It hasn't hurt yet, and I have it super glued on, but I don't think it is going to make it. I am starting with a new running group this Wednesday and I'm a little bummed about this.

Any advice on running with a missing (or partially missing) toenail?

Today's harvest. I didn't plan on picking before work, but it demanded my attention today.

4 big tomatoes (they look small in the picture), and at least 3 dozen cherry tomatoes. I have a few dozen more near the turning point, and I'm hoping they are ready soon so I don't lose them while I'm on vacation.

Disgruntled employees

It's national disgruntled employee day. I don't know if this means we're allowed to be disgruntled, or that we should watch out for those that are. I'll just go along with it, as I would any other Monday. By this time next week I'll be getting ready for my trip, missing my fave (don't tell him that), and recapping my weekend for you.

So suck it up wimps! It's not so bad! You're reading a fluff blog instead of doing whatever it is you need to be doing, so life really isn't so bad, is it??



  1. I want to be a disgruntled employee, but I like the folks I work for, so I think I'll not join this 'holiday'.


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