Taco Tuesday, and doing all the things!

I don't feel like having tacos today. Blah. What's wrong with me? What I feel like is running. Runnin' runnin' and runnin' runnin'.... I have to be in a swimsuit really soon and I don't feel ready. Tacos surely won't help either.

Last night I had a sweet nap, a baked sweet potato (over sweet conversation with some of my favorite sweet people), a sweet soak in a lavender bath, and a sweet bedtime. Ahhhhhh.....

I made it to the gym this morning before dawn for official week 2 of crazy workout.

Pushups, lay down pushups, medicine ball squats, tricep dips, mountain climbers, bicycles, straight leg situps w/twist, and straight leg situps. It didn't seem all that difficult, and I did modify a tiny bit to keep from bending my toe (you know, the SUP incident), but man did we sweat! Our muscles just didn't seem to want to do anything. I haven't felt that worthless and lazy in a while....it was awesome!!!!

 Run because...

I'm starting Run for God tomorrow evening with a group from my church. This is so exciting. Sunday morning on my way to service I confronted myself about not getting involved. You remember how much I used to do with the church:
  • praise team 
  • women's ministry
  • VBS
  • building ministry
  • small groups
  • Wednesday Night Live
  • Angel Tree, etc. 
I haven't joined anything at my new church, and it's been leaving a hole in there. A hole in my soul. A soul hole. So I confronted myself about it, and was ready to make a move; after service I planned to see what was on the list of available classes/groups, and pick one. Buuuuut, I got to talking too much and maybe sorta kinda forgot. Oh, but God is good. He is way ahead of me. He sent two wonderful chickadees my way, inquiring if I was in fact a runner, and if I'd like to join their Wednesday night women's bible study/running club! GAH!!!! This thrills me in ways I can't describe. I'll make R4G a regular blog update subject so you can tag along. Part of the group is planning a 1/2 marathon in September, so I'm going to train with that pace group. Eeeek! 1/2 #2 for 2015, here I come!!!!

...and I have a broken toenail just in time to start. Satan will always give us roadblocks won't he? With God on my side, I will prevail. If He is for me, who can be against me?? 

I managed to eat breakfast today, turkey bacon and waffles. ...with whipped cream...

I found this little gal on the floor in our office lounge. Strange, I didn't see any children in the waiting area yesterday....

I've been watching Parks and Recreation on my tab lately. I forgot how much I LOVE that series. I restarted at the beginning of season 1. I might not have trouble occupying myself while my dude is away. Is it sad that I'd spend my free time under a blankie watching reruns on a tablet? ....NAH!!! Yay adult!


I may get to watch some djimbe on Thursday night. I'm going to visit the parental units Friday night. Brother and SIL have invited me to go on a float trip Saturday. Sunday I'll get to have lunch with the fam, and then maybe some SUPing with my gym rat buddy.

I also need to mow the lawn, clean out the refrigerator, and locate my travel strainer (for hair gel, duh).

Oh! And I get my new front tooth next week.

Wow! I may not have done all the things, but it looks like I have a lot of things to be doing! Get ready blog readers, it is about to be ON.

How is your fitness this summer?

Are you planning any fun trips soon?

What is your go-to tv show? 


  1. Summer vaca coming next week and I did next to no fitness this summer. Good thing I'm tanning!

    1. Tan does look good. You will be more tan than me this year! I don't think that has ever happened.

      Now, get off your butt and workout!


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