Co-garden update, working out, and doing all the things!

Who's up for Tuesday???

Another good start to today. It started last night. I got a lot done at home that I had been putting off, then went for a nice evening walk. Later we watched the second 'new' Star Trek (so awesome), and got in plenty of laughs. Everything pales in comparison to laughter.

I DID go to the gym this morning for week 2 of crazy workout.

Now it's work, work, work. 
 And the things keep growin', growin', and growin', growin'...

Welcome to the jungle! This place is crazy. I can't keep up with the weeds, so I'm trying to maintain the areas just around the base of our plants. 

We must have 100+ cherry and chocolate cherry tomatoes on the vine. Most of the tomato plants have out grown the cages, and I'm going to have to come up with an alternative support system.

Cucumbers coming out of our ears! Or pitchers rather.

We're eating a lot of salads these days.

Work it girl

2nd week of crazy workout. I got the plan here if you're interested in reading about it. I did have to pay for the download, but so far I'm not regretting my purchase. 

I'm supposed to fill in the days around the workout with something other than just walking or jogging, but since I had taken time off, I'm not pushing too hard. I do want to be able to function daily.

So far we have done Tuesday: legs, Thursday: arms, and weekend: abs. 

I sweat more doing these exercises than I do when I run. It's pretty intense. Reading the plan doesn't give the impression that it will be challenging, but if you've experienced plyometric classes, or bootcamps at the gym, then you'll recognize the layout and understand how hard this can be. 

Get a workout partner, give it a try, and don't give up. When we can't finish a set in time, but still have a 30-60 seconds left, we plank it out.
 Doing this and that (or just this)

 We have rain again today, and knowing that was coming, I mowed yesterday. It has been tough to keep up this year. I wanted to help so I laced up my yard shoes and got to it.

I stepped in an ant mound somewhere. Now I have ant bites on my hands and feet.




Are you having a busy week so far?

Do you have any plans for July that are just awesome?

What movies have you seen lately?


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