Why the fuss Wednesday, street taco Tuesdays, and sooo lazy

I like discovering that other people celebrate taco Tuesday like I do! In the olden days M and I would make fish tacos, but recently we've been busy or forgetful, and we've been doing our own thing. I try to taco every Tuesday though.

Last night we went to a-place-I-can't-remember-the-actual-name-of-but-he-calls-it-9th-Street-Tacos. Sounds like a good name to me. They had what I call 'street tacos', the kind you'd get from a taco truck. Double layer white corn tortilla, meat, onions, and cilantro. Just squeeze a lime and add some avocado. Mmmmmmm.

Fussy, fussy, fussy
Back in Acts, I think we're at about chapter 19, reading about the riots.

Acts is one of my favorites to read. It's a great depiction of how we as Christ followers should be approaching ministry. The problem I see is that the modern-day opposition is acting like the 1st century opposition, but the modern-day Christian isn't acting like the 1st century Christian.

Oh how easily people can get offended. If you don't agree with us, we are offended and WE WILL RIOT! We don't want you telling us to do something different, so we'll make you do it our way. ....super logic right there.

Doesn't this sound a bit familiar? History is destined to repeat itself, and we are determined to behave as if it's all new. We spend more time worrying about what others are doing, and not nearly enough time worrying about what we are doing and what others have done in the same situation. The news lately is very reminiscent of the behavior in Acts.

Paul was preaching the Word. The people of Ephesus didn't agree with him, and they rioted. He was right (in line with God's Word), and they were wrong (opposing God's Word), but it didn't need to become the issue that it did. If the Ephesians didn't believe what Paul believed, then go on. This is where we are failing also. I can preach the Word of God, a nonbeliever (or different believer) can state their opinion, and we could both respect the others position. What's happening is the opposition is trying to force their ways on the Christians. And....there are some Christians trying to force their ways on the opposition. Remember in Acts 18:6:

And when they opposed and reviled him, he shook out his garments and said to them, “Your blood be on your own heads! I am innocent. From now on I will go to the Gentiles.”
God wants us to tell the truth to all people, but we cannot force belief on them. There will always be a push back, and we must let God take over when we have done our part.

Quit making such a fuss, everyone. I'll tell my truth, and you can go on. I still love you, and I'll show that through respect. 
I don't want to adult. 

Just tell me I'm pretty and let me nap. 

Can you tell that I'm lazy today. I took a nap after my morning walk, and before my shower. I at least showered, and rinsed off my tanning lotion. I'm improving!

After showering, I put my pajamas back on, and took another nap before getting ready for work. 

Don't worry, I look like an adult, and the plants got tended to. I know, I'm so awesome.


I have so many cute pictures of people I want to put on here, but I don't know if they are ok with that. I need everyone that reads this to let me know if you give me your permission. If you read this and say nothing, I'll take that as a yes. Mwahahahaha.

How are you Acting as a Christian?

How many naps can you take in one day?


  1. Permission granted... as long as they are flattering pictures. Don't go posting my driver's license picture!


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