Loyal readers, we made it!

A big THANKS to you for coming back, time and time again. That Curl can RUN! has hit 5000 pageviews. For a teeny, tiny, nobody blog, that's a big milestone.

I only know about 0.001% of my readers, but this thank you is for all 100% of you.

If anything I've ever written was inspiring, funny, sweet, informative, or generally helpful in any way, then I've done what I set out to do. I share my experiences in hopes that someone can learn or relate. We are all human, we all make the same mistakes, and we all face the same struggles. It's important to see that we are so similar, and in that, we can find joy.

I promise to keep running and writing, curling and growing, reading and doing all the things, and you just keep tagging along.

Have a great weekend!!!


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