Where am I on Wednesday?!

At least I know where you are, you're here!

Today is just one of those days. Under appreciated + overloaded * rather be sleeping = what's going on?!?

It's end of month, on top of first of month, with a dash of payroll. You know how I feel.

Tonight I meet with Run 4 God to continue our bible study, and train for our 10k. I love how we can use a common hobby to meet new people and learn about Jesus. One of the coolest lessons for me is to see how He works in the lives of others outside of the Facebook posts everyone shares. We all can say '#soblessed', or 'I can do all things...", but that's just saying it online. There is no back story, no emotion, no grit. When we can get together and say 'I hated this week because my body felt like it was failing. I didn't want to run. I didn't want to get off of the couch. The only reason I have is because I know you all are doing it too, and we're a team'. That is someone getting real, and grinding it out because they made a commitment. That is faith in God, and God's people, even when we lack faith in ourselves.

I'll see you there ladies. Concrete feet and all.

Tomorrow is our 5th favorite day of the week, so don't miss it!


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