Is it really Friday? Team building Thursday.

Oh what fun it jump off of a 30ft pole on Khaki Thursday.

Yesterday was just a regular ole day, you know, traipsing through the woods, building fake bridges, carrying strangers through pretend spiderwebs, and doing trust falls. What? Just a day at the office.

Well, I wish that was my 'office'. I'd do it every day if I could.

Our area Leadership team went to a team building day at a local camp, and it was F.U.N. I see why the past members have said that you make life-long friends in this class. I feel like I am. Since I'm not from 'round these parts, I've struggled to make deep connections with people as friends. Yesterday felt like a turning point for me.

Runners form bonds on the streets. Church group members form bonds through Scripture. BF/GFs form bonds of the heart. But in professional situations, it's difficult to really connect with people that you may only see once a month, or only communicate across town via phone or email.

I'm thankful for the opportunity, and excited for what may come of it.

Sweaty, grimy hugs to everyone on my team!


Have a great weekend everyone! I'll be all dolled up tomorrow night, so I hope someone takes a picture of me so you can all be super jelly of my amazing-ness.

Ankles crossed that I get a few miles in this weekend too!


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