Monday is a 6 letter word.

Oh weekend, where did you go? Why do you break up with me every week about this time? I thought we had fun together, I thought we liked each other.

Oh, fun abounds, but alas, it comes to an end. Monday is here and no one is happy about it.

I had a wonderful weekend filled with food and fun, naps and movies, lots of laughs, and a little shopping. Oh, the things I have in my heart.

I did not do any running, stretching, yoga-ing or fitness in the general sense WHAT.SO.EVER.

Sorry, I was too busy with fun stuff. Although, I do find running fun. I'll get back to that today.

So many hours of awake time. Napping Saturday evening until 9:30pm causes one to be up until 3am. What do you do when you're awake and alone? Braid yo' hair. Friends marathons and cereal at 2am spark this kind of creativity. Adulting...leave it to the grown-ups.

I really hope you had an amazing weekend too. It's what gets us through the next 5 days, right?

Did you work out?

Have you worked on any projects lately?

How many pumpkins are on your porch?


  1. My pumpkin vine still has no fruit, very sad about this. It is growing out of my porch, so I have no pumpkins on the porch so far.


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