Wednesdays have me feeling like....

What can I say? I woke up late, it was cloudy, and I had to go to work. Obviously I'm not in gear today.

Chocolate Silk didn't fix it. Iced chai didn't fix it. Coffee didn't fix it. I think I need a nap.

I did a little stretching this morning. I'm still trying to get the kink out of my mid-back. We tried popping it last night to no avail. My upper back took the adjustment, but my mid-back may just be tight muscles. Some moist heat, some ice, some stretching...still nothing. It's starting to be a the back.

Last night I headed out for 2 miles. They were difficult. Partially my fault for not running lately, partially my fault for running uphill. I will 100% blame the weather or something else that can't defend itself.

You know you're a runner when you dig through the console on your scooter for a stray piece of gum. Found one! Running sunglasses broke in 2 places. Still wore them. I had found a piece of gum so I had to go run.

23:23 for 2 miles...with a positive split. This may be the worst time I've ever put up.

I love running.

R4G meets tonight. I think I am supposed to do 5.5 miles, but I won't be able to before dark. I'm planning to run in the morning with a new running partner, so I'll take it easy after class tonight. Get some stretching in, and some extra sleep before my 5am jog.


In an attempt to fit in a smaller gown by the 26th, I'm trying to stay away from thin Oreos and Funyons. Clean eating is easy, and I love it. It isn't always what I do though.

Today's breakfast (because I was in a hurry) was Greek God's honey yogurt with flax seeds, crushed almonds, blueberries, and baking cocoa powder. It really was wonderful, and filling. It just wasn't bacon or waffles.


I always have positive things to think of, to get me through any day. God is in my heart and by my side. I have wonderful, caring friends. I have a great guy that makes me laugh, and is there to hold my hand.

 But then idiots happen....

Have a GREAT Wednesday. I'll be back tomorrow to let you know how my early morning run went!


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