No, yes, and maybe

Good Monday morning all! I see we are all a little droopy eyed today. Mondays are the worst way to start a week. But look at it this way, we're closer to the weekend!

Quick weekend recap:

Running: No. I didn't do any exercise.

Sleeping in: Yes, I did do some of that.

Maybe: there are lots of those, we won't even begin to peel that onion.

I was busy with shoe shopping, hair playing, cleaning, gown wearing, laughing, friend making, cuddling, exploring, and generally doing things that make me smile.

I was blessed Saturday night (and again Sunday) to finally spend some time getting to know a very wonderful, very kind and loving, very important person. He was integral to my life, before I knew it. God showed me where He had been working long before I came up with my "plan". I'm smiling just thinking about how wonderful this new friendship is.

Tomorrow morning should be run-filled (harhar), and then on to work. Our 10k is quickly approaching and I am quickly dismissing my real need for training.

I have GOT to get focused. But Friends is so fun to watch, and the couch is so comfy, my head I sound like Tom on P&R singing the 'My Boo' song he wrote for Ann.

I have my first porch pumpkin of the season. Cantaloupe #2 is about ready to be picked. The growkra is still going nuts. I also have more banana peppers than I can count.

Come back tomorrow, I may have pictures!


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