Happy Don't Labor Today day!

One of the best feelings is waking up on Monday!, saying 'NO!' to getting up,  and meaning it!
Hello,  from my bed! As part of the workforce I am very happy to accept this holiday.  In fact,  if I ever own my own business,  I plan to have a 3 day weekend once per month.  This is awesome!
I thought I hadn't accomplished much this weekend,  but I don't think that's true. 
I've cleaned out some dead plants in the garden, washed a window that I have chosen for a chalkboard project, grocery shopped, did ALL my laundry,  attended a car show,  acquired a leather recliner,  did a little praise and worship,  and got some girl time on the books. While I've not ran or mowed the lawn, I have been busy.  Besides,  those are considered labor,  and,  I don't wanna.

What have you been up to?

Sometimes,  you just need a day off and a free cookie.  


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