M+T+W+R+F = 3 day weekend! No running, some stretching, being weird and hello!

I am not so into this Friday. How can that be? In 8 out of 9 international polls, it's rated in the top 7 days of the week!

I've been trying to get back to my old workout and running schedules, and it's hard on me. I'm sleepy, and sore, and not really grumpy but uncomfortable. Blah, blah, blah. #1stWorldProbs right?

Moving on to good things, it IS Friday and we will find fun in that.
 Packages make me smile

Amazon!!!!!!! This will make anyone's day amazing. I went home for lunch with the intention of eating a sad salad and watching Friends (again), and look what the mail fairy brought:

I have been on Amazon a little lately, getting things and stuff, and this and that. You know, necessities.

2 things a girl needs: 
  • a good wristlet (truth, I don't even own a real purse unless you count that one I've had since high school)
  • a FlipBelt

Ok, maybe those are 2 things I WANT and I'm saying we all NEED them. The point is, I HAVE them now.

I may have purchased the wristlet mainly because it sorta has my name on it.


I for sure purchased the FlipBelt because that SpiBelt was not making the grade anymore.

Hopefully I'll get to test out both this weekend. I have time.... I plan to give you a review next week, so don't miss it!

(P.S. I had the sad salad, 2 of them. I didn't have my wallet so I couldn't get anything exciting for lunch. I know.) _______________________________________________________________________
 Co-Garden Update!

Late-season cucumbers! Co-garden is getting it's second wind. The grow-kra is getting tall, tall, tall. Come over and eat okra, please! One of our dead tomato plants came back to life, which is great because I really don't like store bought tomatoes. We've gotten a few green peppers, and lots of banana peppers too.

Be super-super careful this weekend. 
Be smart and safe. 
Have tons of fun! 
Wear a PFD if you're on the water.


  1. Will you be taking your SUP out? I may be too terrified to take the 'yak out with the boats this weekend.

    1. I hadn't thought about that! I do have some friends that mentioned the lake this weekend, so, you never know! I'm not tan though.... put your blinders on!


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