Friday, I just called to say, I love you!

Gaaaaah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We made it! I didn't even get to talk to you until the END of Friday. How crazy, bad, yet totally awesome is that?!

Curly hair don't care, I'm breakin' outta this place for 2 days.


Last night was 0 running because I had ladies group at church, which is why I did the Thursday early a.m. run. I went to the track today for a 45 min walk/jog/gab-fest with neighbor. Then I laid on my heating pad until I absolutely had to get up for work. Blarch.

I should be running tonight to keep with my streak, but, I don't hafta if I don't wanna. Small steps, right?

Picnics, and football, and naps, and (hopefully, but dreadfully...but hopefully) painting this weekend.

Oh! My little snowflake flowers bloomed again. yay.


What are your plans?

Did you get out and pound the pavement today?

Are you getting fall wardrobe fever? (I am. I just ordered 2 pairs of boots to try on. These and these  Eeps!)


  1. Ooh, I like the color of the one boots and the zipper on the other!


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