TWPICK Thursday, and I love running!

Good day to you. We are here, on Thursday, and it ain't so bad.

It's still very warm here, and we've not seen rain in a while. I'm still looking forward to fall, especially since it's football season! BOOMER SOONER!!!! I can't wait for the season to start, I love football. :)
R4G and deer meat overload

Last night I sat on the couch and ate an entire bowl of cold deer meat that I had marinated in red wine vinegar. The plan was to make something asian-inspired this week. I ended up having it as a prerun snack.

R4G met for week 10 lesson, and week 11 run. I didn't get the full 5 miles in, but we did over 4 miles. Since it was 8:45pm and dark, plus I was out of water, we called it quits for the night. Super proud of all of us for grinding it out after sunset with our flashlights and glow sticks. We had 46% humidity, and probably over 90 degrees still. Drenched, sore, and tired. I hit one pothole, but seem to have avoided injury, and only had one car nearly run me over.

I tried NUUN strawberry lemonde....hmmm. Did it take anyone else a while to like it? It was very similar to plain soda water to me. 

God is good, running is good, sweating is good. Good.

Showers, iced tea, and heating pads are good too.


We're not starting our ladies bible study this week, so tonight is up in the air. Likely dinner of some kind, BCM worship, and maybe a donut or 7.
Love is for the birds

You know how some couples have doves released and it's super romantic (gag, not)? We're a little different. Here's our dove love:

I've never tried it, but the recipe promises bacon, so I'm already swooning.




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