Doing all the things can be exhausting.

Hello Tuesday people!

Tuesday! A day for slacks and heels, and trying to make a fitted tee look fancy. I have my bird scarf on today because it's chilly outside, and, makes my fitted tee look fancy. Dressing for work is hard.

I stretched this morning on my mat because I'm sore.....FROM RUNNING! Yay!!!!

We did a 2 person running tour of the college campus last night. I've never been all over campus, and I'm amazed at how much is there. It's not OU, but it's a lot bigger, and nicer, than I knew. They have a huge student center with indoor track upstairs, lots of sitting areas in between buildings, nice sidewalks, tons of stairs to climb, and the campus is mainly well-lit.

We didn't time ourselves, or track our distance. Just ran. Pushed ourselves on the hills, did some stairs, and just jogged around for a bit. I haven't been running, so I needed to go easy anyway. Plus, I had my custom insoles in, and they really annoy my feet.

The goings on:

My little purse is looking better. Cornstarch is helping, but I don't think I'll get it back to new. Lesson learned: don't carry spray sunscreen without a cap.


That's it. 

No, really. That's it. :)

What have you been up to?


  1. A fitted t-shirt can be dressed up for work with a scarf or long necklace, and this is how we adult.

    1. Yes, because adulting is hard, but Target sells fitted tees in the adult clothing section so it's adult. Adult.


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