Happy Khaki Thursday, running dangers, and stuffs!


I was up at 5am to run 2 miles with my new running friend. She is a veteran marathoner that took some time off and is trying to get back to her old running routine. What this means for me is that I have someone that loves and understands running, AND runs at my pace now! Things I hope to get out of this:

1: Not get killed alone in the pre-dawn hours
2: Increase my pace by running with someone that trains harder than me
3: Decrease the girth of my ankles (maybe not a possibility)
4: Form a new friendship
5: Not get killed alone in the pre-dawn hours (this is very important, and very possible)

We met at 5:15 and got in 2 miles. 11:04/pm pace. Very hilly route. This is the only way I'll get hills. I don't volunteer to run hills. Ever. I do run this stretch of road often because it's just part of the route I run, and let me tell ya, IT. IS. HILLY. Up and down for a straight mile.

She's a hill runner. I thought I pushed it on hills. This is going to be a great thing if we stick with it. We're both in the upcoming race in October, on the same team, so we at least have to train for the next month. Yahoo!

We had one near death experience. An SUV waited at the stop sign for me to run in front of them, but did not wait for my teammate. She gave them the 'what's up' arms though. I think they will think twice before doing that again. Hangin' tough, we're rough.

Downside: she doesn't mind running in the rain or the cold. I've already admitted that I would be looking forward to cooler weather, don't make me change everything about my summer personality!!


It is a real khaki Thursday today. I have on some old school khakis, and I know why I haven't worn them in so long. They're too big. I couldn't find my belt so I thought I'd just wing it. ....I'm about to show panty all day. Stupid pants.

Besides that, it's a decent day. Coffee, bagel, turkey bacon, and payroll. 

My breakfast was a bit on the tall side today. Don't worry, I didn't drop any bacon.

Hopefully you are have a bang-up day, and you're super accomplished, and really, way proud of yourself for something.

Give a hug. Tell someone how awesome they are. Eat something yummy. Take a nap. Get your booty moving.


  1. Like twerk? Is that how I should get my booty moving? I hope not, nobody wants to see that!

    1. If you sweat while twerking, then yes. Extra points if you do it pre-dawn and no one sees you.


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