TWPICK Thursday, and Blue Apron dinner #2.

It's so cold in my office! I'm drinking iced coffee, and that isn't helping.

Congratulations on making it to Thursday everyone! I love this day. I get a lot done at work, I get to wear my favorite pants, and I get to really start thinking about my weekend.

Blue Apron #2: Crispy catfish and eggplant caponata

I hope you all enjoyed my review of Blue Apron meal #1 yesterday. I wish I had gotten more pictures and done a better write-up, but I was in total anxiety/panic mode while cooking. You know how I have a serious fear of disappointing people...I was afraid I'd screw up the dinner. I'm a mess. You know that. Heart on sleeve. Foot in mouth. Tears on cheek. Smiles!!!!

Last night we tried Crispy Catfish with eggplant caponata. ...and fried okra (not on the menu, but it always should be)

The catfish sent by Blue Apron was impressive. They only send 2 filets, but it was definitely enough to fill us up.

We  started by dicing and browning the eggplant in olive oil for about 6 minutes, then setting aside. Next, dice and saute one red bell pepper, one red onion, and 3 garlic cloves in olive oil. After cooking for about 9 minutes, add the eggplant back in the pan, along with some red wine vinegar, capers, tomato paste, marjoram, and 1 cup of water. I've never tried capers, as I thought they were some kind of tiny fish. ....I know, I'm shaking my head too. The caponata is cooked for about 15 mins more in order for the liquid to thicken.

While that simmered, we coated the catfish in rice flour (included), seasoned with salt and pepper, and threw it in the pan with the butter. Oh butter....butter for mayor.

He cooked the okra, because if we wanted to eat any of it, someone other than me had to do it. We all remember the last time I cooked okra.... poor vegetable.

 The result was not as pretty as the pictures, because who has time to 'plate' their dinner when it's just the two of you? Hangry waits for nothing fancy.

The fish was light and moist. The caponata was tangy. It reminded us of something, but we couldn't figure it out.  Overall I'd give this an 8 out of 10. It took longer than I expected, about 40 minutes. That's not bad, considering I hadn't made it before, but I'd like to not have to cook for 40 minutes. 

If you'd like the recipe for the caponata, let me know, I'd love to see what others think of it.
 Plank like you mean it

I ran at the gym today, because my workout buddy couldn't make it. I HATE the treadmill. I think one time I said I liked it. I lied. That could not have been true. It's awful. 

I also worked on my plank. 1 1/2 minutes today. Don't get excited, that was in 3 separate sessions. It's not the journey, but the destination... That was so zen.

 Norm N. Scooter

Scooter update slated for tomorrow, so don't miss it!

I almost forgot. Here is today's loot from Co-garden!


 When was the last time you made a dish you'd never tried?

Do you like the dreadmill treadmill?

Do you like to nap on the couch? Lights/tv on or off? 


  1. Nap on couch with tv on so I don't sleep until the next morning. Your veg picture reminds me of a rainbow and unicorns.

    1. It is a rainbow and unicorns... :)


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