Monday, Monday, operation: sink, and...

Gah, Monday. Thanks for the matcha green tea bath this morning in the kitchen. Thanks for the spotty internet connection at work. Thanks for the nightmare traffic at lunch.

My Saturday was mostly spent in a coma after crying myself into exhaustion. No, it wasn't my feelings again, this time it was much better, a migraine. Hahaha, "better". After I was healed, we kept with tradition and we ate Chinese food; then went to see Jurassic World. It was awesome. Oh! We walked around a bookstore. I haven't done that in FOREVER. We also had froyo. Basically, it was the perfect night.

Sunday included church, food with my faves, napping, and more food. We also found Hoppy3 finally, so we still have our garden pet. He is still stiffing us on the rent.

I didn't make any Blue Apron meals, but I promise there is one on the way tonight. And maybe some running. Laces crossed. _________________________________________________________________________
 In Sink

Because I was down most of the weekend, I didn't get to look for my sink stand like I wanted. We did check out a few prefabs at Home Depot, but I'm stuck on having a repurposed stand/table with a vessel sink.

I've poured over Pinterest, but am wondering what YOU'VE done for sink projects. Any simple DIYs out there you'd like to share?

These are my favorite 3 big vanities, and one small one that is closer to the size I can accommodate. Since I've given up on the traditional sink due to cost, I have fallen in love with this new direction. But, when you want a table or shelf like this you can never find one!!


Dear woman,

you'll just be too much woman.
Too smart,
too beautiful,
too strong.
Too much of something
that makes a man feel like less of a man,
which will start making you feel like you have to be less of a
The biggest mistake you can make
is removing jewels from your crown
to make it easier for a man to carry.
When this happens, I need you to understand,
you do not need a smaller crown---
you need a man with bigger hands.

--Michael E. Reid

There are many times I feel I'm 'too much'. I've taken jewels from my crown in the past, only to be left further unfulfilled. 

We need the person God has set aside for us, and that person should never want us to be less than we are intended to be, because they need us just the way God prepared us.

While we can be too stubborn, too selfish, too intimidating, too argumentative, too this and too that, we can also be too lonely, too heartbroken, too quiet, too forgotten. 

Seek the woman within you that God is calling you to be, and the woman that comes out will be exactly what your other half desires. He can carry it all, but you have to give it all.

How is your Monday?
How was your weekend?
What fantastic thing did you eat?


  1. I made my version the veg salad from one of your previous Blue Apron posts and it was AMAZING. I served it at a cookout and there was only a tiny bit left for me to have in a pita with romaine.

    My alteration were as follows: added the omitted avocado; diced a bell pepper; soaked onion in a premixed red vine vinaigrette because I'm out of red wine vinegar; topped with feta because it makes everything betta!


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