Khaki Thursday after TOWPICK wednesday, sharing is caring (feelings), and no real news.

Hello! I'm way tired today. No gym. No track. No keepy eyes open.

We stayed up way past our bedtime so I could take in all the meteors that I possibly could. It was a great show, and a great time. Situations like that can be an awesome opportunity to relax; and sometimes a surprise opportunity to open up and share the deep downs.


I don't share too much here, other than the fun stuff. I'm sure you know I have my secrets, my personal issues, and my skeletons. I don't share them with you because that would be completely inappropriate. However, I should share them with someone, and I've been bad about not doing that over time.

Last night I did go way down in my heart and opened up about something that has weighed heavy on me for some time. Recently it had begun to affect my daily life, and I knew I had to get it out.

That. Was. Scary.

In the end, I was 100% better off for letting it out, and maybe letting it go just a little. People can't love you the way you need if they don't understand you. No one can be sensitive to the things that hurt you if they don't know what actually hurts.

There will always be someone that will wrongly judge you; don't assume everyone will. Don't prejudge someone before they have a chance to not judge you.

Did you watch the meteors last night?


  1. No meteors for me, I went to sleep.


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