Put on your apron, and let's do all the things!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's Tuesday, finally. Did you think that Monday was going to last forever? I did!

Last night we made Blue Apron meal #3. Mexican style chicken tortas with tomato, cucumber, and avocado salad.

Our avocado went bad before we could get to this meal, but he wasn't heartbroken about that. I was. :(  The sandwiches and salad were sans avo, but you'd never know. Also, I skipped the cilantro given the recent illnesses in the news. I doubt mine was part of that, but just to be safe. (remember 'sketchy burrito' back in March? we don't want to go down that road again)

We started with marinating red onion in red wine vinegar. Half was for the salad, and half was for the sandwiches.

The salad was made of diced tomato, diced cucumber, avocado (omitted), sliced, marinated onion, salt and pepper, and a little olive oil. I squeezed a lime wedge over it also since I didn't need it for the avocado.

The chicken was seasoned with a premade season mix. I could tell that it had cumin, chili powder, onion powder, and garlic powder, for sure. I also added a pinch of salt and pepper.

They were cooked in olive oil on medium heat for about 15 minutes, until cooked through.

Afterwards, we arranged the sliced tomato, remaining onion, crumbled queso blanco, and chicken (cut in thin strips) on the tortas (basically focaccia hoagie rolls). Then we toasted the entire sandwich in the chicken pan until brown and crispy.

Guess what? I didn't get a picture of the final product! AGAIN! I was in anxiety mode. I really need to get a grip.

They were really good. He said it was awsome, and I agreed. It was more filling than expected, which seems to be the trend with these meals.

 Overall we really liked this one. It was really simple, but flavorful. I could make it for far less than the average $8.40 that the meals cost by having large quantities of spices, vinegar, and veggies on hand. I'll make this again soon, and will try to photograph it better

Today is the next shipment from Blue Apron. I've decided to try a second week, so that I can get a few more recipes.
Running on Full

I hate running on a full stomach. I'm an empty runner, even at 6-7 miles. Last night I ran about 2 miles at 8:30pm (94 degrees) after eating dinner. Much to my surprise I didn't throw up. I did feel much heavier, and thus, much slower. I also ran with my custom insoles, which slows me down since I'm still not used to them. Pace was around 11/mm, so not terrible.

Do you run empty or full?
 Things that I did!

 The Prell and I got to hang at the annual company trip to OKC. We just love our together time. We are coming up on 13 years as friends/co-workers.

It was a million degrees outside, but we didn't care.

Obviously we like smiling. Obviously we are really good at it. Obviously you are jealous.

What's a trip to the city without some amazing food?

Backdoor BBQ has been on my 'must' list for a while. He ate there, and shared pictures only, way back in.... March? I finally got to experience fried PICKLED okra. I could die. This is the best thing ever.

We split the beastwich, and potato salad also.

Mmmm, fooooood. My favorite kind of thing to eat.

 Norm N. Scooter is alive! Here he is with the rest of the bike gang at work. He likes to hang out with the other bikes, because they get to talk about potholes, and gas mileage. (Norm always wins at gas mileage)

I don't know what you wear when you ride the open road, but around here, we wear stilettos and skirts....with shorts under them. Because we baddd like that.

When life throws you a curve, lean into it, and roll back on the throttle.


That's what I've been doing. Running, working out (again this morning), scooting, cooking, reading (caught in the Act), and all the other things!

 Co-garden is a bit crispy thanks to our heat wave, but we have a toad living under the weeds, so, life still exists there in many forms.



  1. Thirteen years?!? We don't look old enough to have worked together for 13 years! Right?

    I think I'll use this salad recipe for dinner tonight, it looks yummy.


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