Doing all the things, Part 1!

Hey! It has been a super hectic Tuesday in my world.

Late to bed, early to rise (I felt like a zombie, but with a smile, and a fake tan)

I made it to the gym finally. We gave it our all, and that was all we had. It was an hour of push-ups, tricep dips, mountain climbers, crunches, chest presses, and squats.  But we were whining winning.

Tomorrow is the track.

Thursday I should be back in the gym, either a.m. or p.m.

We soooo aren't doing the program the way it was created, but, who cares. We did more pushups than everyone that didn't do any pushups, right?

So, I didn't 'do' a lot of things over the weekend. I shopped, I napped, I watched movies, and I ate food. Those are the best things, right?

Saturday I bought these heels at Dillard's. 40% off on top of sale/clearance prices.
Jessica Simpson Claudette heels are one of my favorites. I've had this same shoe in multiple colors. So comfy, and so flattering.

Go get some!

After shopping with the ladies, we went for one of my favorite meals: soup and sandwiches. I love McAlisters. Yum.

Nothing like a good Ruben and some tomato soup (bisque if you're wearing your fancy pants).

Sunday, after service and lunch (duh), we got the guns out. No, I didn't mean my biceps, but thank you for saying so. They are nice. ....anyway!

We got away from the world, fired a few rounds, and took in some nature.

I napped Saturday, I can nap all week, so there was no point wasting a perfectly good shooting day.

Sun's out, guns out!

This dude teaches me a lot of things.

That's it folks! Really. 

You want to know what is going on this week? You do NOT want to miss out. Get your little booties back here for future posts. 

Let's just say there is food, and scootin' in the works. Yeah. You heard me.


What things did you do that we all want to have done also?


  1. Totally jealous of your range time, your shoes AND your lunch!


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