Oh Friday, you WILL be nice to me.

No one told me that I didn't post this on Friday! Whoops!

~ This is now a useless post, but part of my life, so, here it is anyway.  ~

Here we go! The last day of the work week and it is trying to crush me. Hahahaha, Friday, you are so funny. You are too weak for me though. I will prevail!

My walk/run partner was under the weather today, and I had a bit of a headache at 5am too. We didn't get to the track, and now it's WAY too hot to go in the afternoon. I think I'll burn calories on the couch tonight. What do you think?

There was no Blue Apron last night, only Red Baron. That is not fancy, nor healthy. But it was goooood. I shouldn't be left alone at home all night with pizza. There are never any survivors, including myself. So miserable.


Norm N. Scooter should be on the road today! His carburetor got a bath, his fuel line got a cleansing, and he has a new battery and air filter! Running like a champ and ready to roll.

*Update* Took Norm out for a spin Friday night. Runs a little sluggish, but runs.*


Monday's post will recap the weekend, and hopefully make up for almost missing Friday. 


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