Friends and cereal, and doing the few things.

Don't dust when you need to get up early the next day.

I dusted one room in my house, and it destroyed my eyeballs. I didn't know this until I woke up 2 hours late for the gym. 9pm bedtime, 7:15am wake-up, gooey eyes, and I'm stiff all over. ...I'm starting to think my extra firm bed may have been a bad choice.... shhh, don't tell anyone that I said that.


After a short 3 mile run last night, (gross), I cleaned up and started, well, cleaning up. I bought seasons 1 & 2 of Friends, so I had someone to keep me company. After I had grown bored with dusting, I had dinner: 2 bowls of cocoa dyno-bites, dessert: chips and salsa, and a snack: Greek Gods honey yogurt.

I know, we've been over this, I shouldn't be left to adult alone.

Yoga report: NONE.

I don't have much of a weekend report this week.

Friday night was for Whataburger, scooter rides, and naps.

Saturday we went to see my family, and that was stressful for me. Sister, niece, brother, SIL, nephews, (another) niece, mom and dad. I'm thankful to have such a great family, and that they were excited to see us. Looking back, I shouldn't have been so nervous. It all went well as far as I can tell.
Saturday evening we saw our friends sing at a local venue, and stayed up way past bedtime. There was some dancing involved, and a back cramp due to an impromptu dip at an odd angle. Thank goodness for my foam roller.

Sunday was church, food, laundry, and nonsense.

I felt like I didn't get much of a weekend, but I really accomplished a lot. Whatever. There's another one coming around.

p.s., I may have finally chosen a sink.... TBC


  1. That is my most favorite yogurt ever! It's hard for me to eat other yogurts now that I've had that one in my life. I should check to see if my local grocery has them on sale this week!

    1. I found it at WM. Don't tell anyone I went there...

      It's like cheating on healthy food, because it's so good!


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