Blue Apron week 2, and we did all the things!

Gym meet-up cancelled at 4:45am.
Overslept until 7:50am.
Dropped melted chocolate on my shirt at 8:50am.

Thanks Tuesday. Preesh. I could do without your antics today.

Last night we tried meal 1 of week 2 with Blue Apron.

Spiced meatballs with garlic toast and summer squash salad. My grade: unimpressed to just OK.

The meal was good, and filling. It wasn't amazing though.

Ground beef mixed with a premade spice packet, bread crumbs, crushed garlic, and chopped mint. I've never used mint this way, so it was an interesting choice. The meatballs were cooked until browned, then I added tomato paste. After 2 minutes, add 3/4 cup water and simmer until sauce thickens.

The summer squash salad was a mix of  thinly sliced yellow squash, green olives, mint, salt, pepper, olive oil, lemon zest, and lemon juice. I used about 2/3 the suggested amount of lemon juice and it was still way too tart. Way....too...tart.

The garlic toast was made with a sliced baguette drizzled with olive oil and toasted for about 6 min. I rubbed a fresh peeled garlic clove over the toast when a bit cooled, and that was it!

The meatballs were a bit flavorless, and oily since we cooked them in EVOO instead of baking or making in a crockpot.

I did not like the squash salad. Probably (if I make it again) with even less lemon juice and some more herbs it could be enjoyable.

The toast was good, and I'd never made it without butter. This will be a possible repeat.

In the end this meal made us want to make meatballs for dinner, but not like this. It has inspired ideas, which is the goal when trying new things in cooking. I didn't hate preparing this meal, and we weren't hungry after it was gone.

You never know what you do or don't like unless you try, right? Happy cooking!

Normally Tuesday is chock full of funsies from the weekend. I think I overshared yesterday in short, but that's what you get from a non-professional lazy blogger.

Here are a few extra pics to wrap up the weekend.

Our friends Zach and Drew played last night for a benefit. We didn't ride the scooters, but totally should have. Also, it was last night and not over the weekend.

My blog, my rules.

Poor scooter. At home all alone...

When you have a headache, you must eat the chinese food. It doesn't help at all, and usually makes it worse. That's how traditions are.

 I ate vanilla ice cream and didn't cry. Don't go thinking I'm getting normal on you though. That WON'T happen.

Thanks fortune cookie.

Always with the knowledge. Smarty pants.


What did you do all weekend?

Have you ever made meatballs with mint?

Are you running? Can you run for me??


  1. I want to make that sign for my house but I have no room left for signs :(


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