un-Monday: Thankful, and basketball

It's time to knock the uuuuhhhhh out of Monday around here.

Thankful for:
The freedom to hang out in public and openly worship Jesus Christ
Ice packs for my sore, sore heel
A job that I love!
All of you
Earplugs as I am still adjusting to living in town.
OKC basketball
Not wanting to watch the Ryan Lochte reality show (I read a review b/c I was curious. That poor person that watched it....barf!)
Awesome hair

Did you watch the first OKC Playoff game last night?! It was so fantastic! I was super stoked to have ma man (13, da beard!!) back in the house, but I couldn't be a fan too long, cause we had to put the beat down on him and the Rockets. Game 2 baby! See you Wednesday night.

Today I will buy some cute shoes that I can wear to work that aren't heels. Today I will say something positive to myself. Today I will smile whenever I feel down. Today I will pray for healing in my life, my community, and the entire world. Today, if I cry, it will be tears of joy for something. Today I will be a conqueror.

Who is your NBA team?

What are you thankful for today?


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