Race Recap

You may have seen my mini post on Saturday about my dismal race. I do hate being negative, but I was really unhappy with my performance. The breathing problems, the stumbling, the walking, the dramatics....I was a total mess.

Today I want to show you all the awesome stuff leading up to the race!

Muscle time!!! Making shirts for the race. Team 'Run Free: peace.love.run' in the house!

Gear ready for the race. Nike tennis skirt (bad choice by the way. Rides all up in the wrong places), team shirt (Wal-mart), Brooks Ravenna 4.  (not pictured, SPI-belt)

 We were so ready to go!! All smiles.
M ran the race pushing her daughter, and not in a little jogging stroller, but in the fully enclosed bike trailer/stroller! And she beat me! Grrr. She was awesome! She said she was a little stoked that she beat me too. She should be. We aren't racing each other, but a W is a W.

Made a shirt for her little girl.
This is the back. Awwww.

Barking dogs afterwards

Official race results 
44th overall of 84 runners
          Div/total: 9/12 in age group           
Gun time:   35:24 
Chip time:  35:03
Pace: 11:17  


  1. Ooh girl, heel may be broken but check out those arms!

  2. I do have a pretty awesome flex. It's from carrying all those wine bottles to and fro.


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