I almost ran

On my way home last night, I decided to go for a run. Then I got out of the car in the garage and was reminded how bad my heel hurts.

Instead, I did this:
Which ended up looking like this:

That is tomato, red bell pepper, sweet basil, and jalapeno pepper. The far right is my compost dump. I figure if I keep it in the same place I might remember to use it.

I waited until yesterday because our weather has been so spotty. ...and then I woke up today to a yard full of frost. Awesome. I will not pray for the plants to survive, but I will have faith that they will and will prepare for the harvest.

While 'gardening' I found this:

A little snake. We seem to have a family of them in our yard. This is the 2nd snake I've killed in as many weeks. I saw the big snake holes in the dirt. I am a little nervous as to the size of the next one I will find....

Happy Khaki Thursday. I hope you find time to relax!
Not sure why my feet look so weird. Why am I curling them up in my shoes? Meh.
Do you have a little (or big) garden?
Are you afraid of snakes ssssssssss? heehee


  1. I have a beet root rooting (is that right?) in my kitchen window, but nothing in the ground yet. I think I'm way behind...

    I'd like to have a pet snake but hubs and Princess would cry, so I don't.


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