Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Ugh. Still not exercising. Now, I know I COULD go do sit-ups or push-ups, or planks, or something else physical while I let my heel heal. (haha) I haven't though; and I have good reasons!

1: Monday for example, I was in a funk, even though my blog said I would think positive. Actually, I did. I was positive that I was in a bad mood. Hmph.

2: Yesterday I had to go to Sam's. If you have a warehouse store membership, you know what I mean. When you have to go, you have to go! I got some yummy things though. Cheap avocados for this weekend, cookies for work today, straw-ber-ritas....for whenever.

3: Today is Wednesday, and I have to go help with the youth group at church.

4: And THEN, tonight is Game 2 of the playoffs against Houston. See? I just can't get to the gym.

I did do push-ups while hanging half-way out of a too hot tanning bed at lunch. Does that count? Quit imagining how weird it is. You know you do squats or calf raises when you're in a stand up booth. Mm-hmm.

On top of not having time yesterday, it was deeeee-sgusting outside. We had a late cold snap and temps dropped from 78 to 56 overnight, and then continued to fall to 36 by the evening...with drizzle.

Not taken while driving. I was at the longest red light ever.


Today? Sunshine!

Doot doot doo, lookin' out my (office) back door
 Thanks Oklahoma for screwing with me.
I hope to have some workout/running updates soon. I know you all just can't stand the thought of me loafing. Mmmm....bread..... What?

Oh! I do have good news though: I registered today for my next 5k. May 18th, The Speedy Skunk Run.

When is your next run or workout?
How is your weather?
Do you like my singing skills?

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  1. Boxing tonight. Weather is similar to yours. And I LOVE your singing!