Ugh. Still not exercising. Now, I know I COULD go do sit-ups or push-ups, or planks, or something else physical while I let my heel heal. (haha) I haven't though; and I have good reasons!

1: Monday for example, I was in a funk, even though my blog said I would think positive. Actually, I did. I was positive that I was in a bad mood. Hmph.

2: Yesterday I had to go to Sam's. If you have a warehouse store membership, you know what I mean. When you have to go, you have to go! I got some yummy things though. Cheap avocados for this weekend, cookies for work today, straw-ber-ritas....for whenever.

3: Today is Wednesday, and I have to go help with the youth group at church.

4: And THEN, tonight is Game 2 of the playoffs against Houston. See? I just can't get to the gym.

I did do push-ups while hanging half-way out of a too hot tanning bed at lunch. Does that count? Quit imagining how weird it is. You know you do squats or calf raises when you're in a stand up booth. Mm-hmm.

On top of not having time yesterday, it was deeeee-sgusting outside. We had a late cold snap and temps dropped from 78 to 56 overnight, and then continued to fall to 36 by the evening...with drizzle.

Not taken while driving. I was at the longest red light ever.


Today? Sunshine!

Doot doot doo, lookin' out my (office) back door
 Thanks Oklahoma for screwing with me.
I hope to have some workout/running updates soon. I know you all just can't stand the thought of me loafing. Mmmm....bread..... What?

Oh! I do have good news though: I registered today for my next 5k. May 18th, The Speedy Skunk Run.

When is your next run or workout?
How is your weather?
Do you like my singing skills?


  1. Boxing tonight. Weather is similar to yours. And I LOVE your singing!


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