Today i gave an effort. Not good. Not bad. Just, an. I'm pretty sure I've developed adult asthma based on the near black-out 50yd before the finish line.
I PR'd but that isn't saying much: still +35min. Yeowza. I'm not a marathoner, yet. I don't compete with others, only myself. I let God carry me. I feel I'm doing all the right things, I'm just not there yet. That's ok.
But disappointing nonetheless. You know.
Happy running today. Good luck Ragnar/SoCal girls, and everyone around the globe.


  1. Not saying much???? I thinks thats pretty doggone good!! BE PROUD of yourself!!!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement. You're right, I should be proud to have done it. But you know how it is when we backslide, the self-doubt creeps in. Humans! LOl.


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