Does anyone else refuse to drive in real shoes? Many days I am barefoot, but I also keep emergency flip flops in my car at all times, in case I get pulled over. I never wear real shoes to drive. I feel like I'm getting a few more minutes of relax time on the way to work in the morning, and I feel like I can unwind faster on the way home. Then there are those pesky around-town errands... those NEVER deserve real shoes.

I'm sure my neighbors just LOVE that they get to see me check the mail Every.Single.Day. Barefoot, heels in hand.

Happy driving!!!


  1. I'm a flip flop girl, so if on a rare occasion I actually wear those bad a** heels you're speaking of...I only have them on for the shortest amount of time necessary. I don't get how pregnant moms go running around all day in them...or and girl for that matter. Love the white heels though. :) Glad I found your blog! Jessica


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