Thursday, April 18, 2013


Does anyone else refuse to drive in real shoes? Many days I am barefoot, but I also keep emergency flip flops in my car at all times, in case I get pulled over. I never wear real shoes to drive. I feel like I'm getting a few more minutes of relax time on the way to work in the morning, and I feel like I can unwind faster on the way home. Then there are those pesky around-town errands... those NEVER deserve real shoes.

I'm sure my neighbors just LOVE that they get to see me check the mail Every.Single.Day. Barefoot, heels in hand.

Happy driving!!!

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  1. I'm a flip flop girl, so if on a rare occasion I actually wear those bad a** heels you're speaking of...I only have them on for the shortest amount of time necessary. I don't get how pregnant moms go running around all day in them...or and girl for that matter. Love the white heels though. :) Glad I found your blog! Jessica