TWPICK Thursday is actually OU/Texas eve eve.

Good day to ya! It's good ol' khaki Thursday and I'm in my seat and jacked up on caffeine.

Today I took my #IDriveFor picture at the office. I drive for Janice, a previous co-worker, and almost
birthday twin. She fought and beat cancer because she is totally amazing. While there has been buzz about the Susan G. Komen foundation not donating the majority of their money to research, the attention alone has saved numerous lives. I know more about breast cancer now since it became a 'trending topic' than I learned organically in the years prior. So donate, celebrate, participate...just help beat it! (singing MJ right there)

I am forming a very close relationship with my foam roller. I told the dude that if it starts telling me I'm pretty, he might have some serious competition.

Run Report

Another 4 miles last night.

Mile 1: 12:20
Mile 2: 12:01 (negative!)
Mile 3: 12:39.....
Mile 4: 12:12 (negative!!)

I ran with runner friend. She hasn't run in a few months so we stopped a few times for stretching and shoe adjustments. Those things are super important when you're trying to get back at it. If you ignore things or run uncomfortable, you likely won't go again.

We had the running mascot along for the duration as well. I wish I knew who owned this guy so I could make sure they keep him safe. He's great at dodging traffic and keeping other strays away, but it's still unsafe for him to run the entire town like this.

Thursday, 5am

Mile 1: 11:26
Mile 2: 10:38 (negative AND in the 10s).
(mascot was along for the 2 miles, what a cool dog)

This is proof that running with a faster partner will improve your speed, and you can do it.

No running tonight. I (may) have ladies group, and I have some baking to do.

I hope you had a great run/workout/nap/ice cream sandwich. Do what you want, as long as you're happy!

Someone watch the OU/Texas "game" for me on Saturday, and update me on how amazing we are the entire time. This is the 1st year in a long time that I won't be there. My football heart is sad and deflated like a football from New England.... :) heehee.  I'll survive. I have awesome stuff on the agenda. At least I get to wear my colors to work tomorrow. OU or No You!

See you soon!


  1. Sorry your team didn't win. I cheered for them.


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