Doing all the running things.

Today, lets talk about running.

Friday night. 4 miles.  49:26 with one negative split.

Monday night. 4 miles. 47:40 with one negative split.

Faster than Friday.

 Tuesday morning. 2 miles. 22:32 with a major negative split.

Running with someone that has a faster pace helps....Thanks A. You rock.

 Thoughts while running last night:

Oh man, I'm totally going to rock this.
Just start out slow, that way you can have negative splits.
Negative splits...isn't that also a yoga thing? Hmm.
Ok, here I go, good pace.
My feet are heavy.
Did I put chaffing gel on my arch?
Get a drink.
Am I bouncing too much?
I hate this shirt.
Running, running, running, whoa uneven pavement!
Uphill, awesome. Lean forward.
Am I leaning too far forward? Do I need to lean back on the downhill? Are my feet thudding?
Tra-lah-lah, tra-lah-lah. CAR!!!
Is that a runner? No, she's walking. Is that guy on the bike bothering her? Well, he's ahead of me, so I'm safe.
Crap, hole! Stupid lack of sidewalks.
Is that a smashed pinecone, or a smashed squirrel? Gross.
Why are there so many cigarette lighters on the ground? Do people really just throw them out the window?
I wonder if any of those cigarette packs have cash in the wrappers....
Would stopping to check each one be a good excuse to stop running?
I should stop running. This is stupid.
How far have I gone? I haven't heard my app tell me my mile time yet.
Have I not even gone a mile?!!? I should stop n.. **one mile complete. time: blahblah**  Ok, good.
Wait, that was only ONE MILE?! Oh goodness. I'm slow AND tired.
It's ok, I like running. Look at my fancy running stuff.
What if I drink all my water before I get done? Drink!
Can I lay down in public?
2 miles, alright, hitting my stride.
Running, running, slowly running.
I should read more. Nah...I should really buckle down on my French lessons.
Do I want to work on the bathroom when I get home?
Am I having a heart attack? Oh look! There's someone I know! ~waves~ They didn't wave. :(
How far is 4 miles?! I should just run 1 mile each day. I could rule the mile. Queen of the mile. hahahahahahahahahahahaha. That's funny. Can that be a halloween costume? I'm so clever.
I wonder if I only focused on the mile, if I could ever get in the 6s....
Oooh, almost twisted my ankle. If I do, I wonder if I can lay down...
Did my GPS turn off? Hasn't it been thr **3 miles complete. time: blahblahblah** Ok, I thought so.
Only 1 mile left, turn it up Leah!
Turn it down Leah!
I don't want to shower when I get back. I'm too tired.
What if I want to interact with people....they'll just have to accept me.
Whoa! Was that lightning? No, it's daylight.
I should really keep going at 4 miles. I know I can run further today. I feel great!!!
Tra-lah-lah, tra-lah-lah, jump on the curb! CAR! "get off your cellphone moron!"
I'm going to Facebook about people driving while on their phones.....yikes, don't run into that mailbox! I should get off of my phone.
I hate this music, why can't I find music I like to run to?
Drink. Drink. Drink. When did I last wash this mouthpiece?
I've never lost a toenail running. Am I superhuman?
I think I'll go around the block at least a few times after my 4 mi**4miles complete. time: blahdyblahblah** Thank GOODNESS! I quit forever!!!!

Walking home: I love running. I bet I can get 2 or 3 miles in before work tomorrow.

Running. We love it. We hate it. We do it.


  1. I LOVE your running dialog. I always wonder what people are thinking while they run. I usually think: "I hate this so much, this is dumb. Why do I even try, I'm SOOOO slow. Oh, it's over? That was nice, I should try it again sometime."

    1. Running dialogues are the best. I like to read what other people say they think about, because it lets me know that my thoughts and doubts are totally the running realm.


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