A feeling on a Friday

Sometimes you just have to trust God and go with it.

I'm so thankful for the opportunities I've gotten during my life, good and bad, that have shaped me into the chick that I am. I want to radiate the love of Christ through patience, understanding, and hospitality. I think helping and giving are in my bones. I get so excited when I know of an opportunity to lend a hand, lend a shoulder, lend a room, lend a car, whatever it may be. It's what Jesus did, and what He wants us to WANT to do.

Oh, but my little mind gets in the way. Don't think for a second that it's easy to give out of lack. It may be true that the less fortunate give a higher percentage of themselves than those well-off, but, that doesn't mean that it is done without worry from time to time.

I've tithed BIG amounts, and right before I do, I always worry about that time coming when I'll say "oh, if only I had held on to that money". My stomach knots and my heart races. Then I remind myself that that moment has never come!! Of course I have days where I'm short or go without some convenience, but I've never had a day where I sat in regret for giving.

I've loaned things out; some have been returned and some haven't. I usually agree to it without a second thought, and then I'm stricken with panic for the choice/commitment I've just made. What if I need it? What if it is destroyed? What if they don't appreciate how hard I worked for that? Guess what, I've never lost sleep over helping someone, even if I lost something (of earthly value) in the end.

Where would I be had those before me not given? What if no one helped my parents when they needed it? Would I be where I am had co-workers not helped me get on my feet long ago? If my previous church families, or neighbors, or strangers, hadn't given out of excess and lack, what might I not have now?

Give. Give with fear and without fear. Help. Don't worry, just wing it. Love. Love really does conquer all.

Have a wonderful weekend, filled with joy and life.


  1. This is very deep!

    BTW, I still have your juicer and it's still in great shape! Don't worry about it!

    1. That is so awesome! Proof. I've never lost sleep over it. I didn't buy a replacement. I didn't even remember that you had it! Sharing is caring.


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