Bare floors, big smiles, and doing all the things!!

Bosses day was last Friday and my girls remembered. It made Friday so sweet! They know me well, OU, coffee, and scarves.

Running around, doing all the things


I ran the 10k for Colton's Main Street run. I'm not sure what I was doing, but I did it for 1:16 instead of my planned 58 minutes. Meh, I finished.

The dude smoked me, despite all my prep. He got the sub58 time, although he paid for it in the following days. Thank goodness for Epsom salts. His momma got 1st in her age division, and beat the times of most women under her. I'm glad I'm not competing against her, she's amazing!

Runner friend was literally the LAST 10k-er as she ran the 1 mile fun run with her kiddos first, and then headed out on the route. She had a police escort the entire way.

Running is about enjoyment. If watching the butterflies and making up songs is what you like to do while running, then do it. Don't worry about your time, just be in the moment; all 273,600 of them.

 The never-ending (bathroom) story
 So you remember bathroom remodel right? I finally bought flooring! However, since I can't NOT follow instructions, it has to sit for 48 hours to acclimate. Stupid rules. I bought peel and stick faux wood planks at Lowe's. I've seen them used in numerous Pinterest bathroom updates, and decided I'd do the same.

Linoleum is gone, bare subfloors are front and center. I actually prefer the patched, splattered, bare sub-floor over the linoleum I had. That's pretty sad.

They should be fairly simple to install. Some remodel blogs went way over the top on making sure it was perfect, but most just cleaned, primed, and stuck. It's said to be easy to cut so you can get it around existing fixtures and corners. I spent last night dreaming about the toilet and whether or not I'd pull it up to put the tile under it. I think I'll just run it up to the edge, and re-caulk. No need to go total Bob Vila on this place.

Oh! I also bought a dresser for the buffet project! Oh my goodness, we have so many things to do together!

I have a dinner party in the near future and have to get my dining room in order, so that is next. The bathroom HAS to get done so I can move on. It's been a year....I should be about done by now.

I've done so much more that has gone undocumented. I'm at a place where I'm really enjoying life. If I'm running, I'm just cruising along checking out the scenery. If I'm lounging, I'm enjoying the quite. If I'm co-lounging, I'm enjoying the company. Tea til 2am, big meals, long walks, late mornings, lots of laughs, and a few bruises...

What are you enjoying lately? Fall colors? Open windows? Peppermint Mocha coffee creamer?


  1. I enjoy open windows, reading books, and reading your blog!


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