F is for Friday!!!

Free BBQ on Friday? Sign me up.

We had lunch at the office, I have really big hair, OU is gonna own the field tomorrow, and I only have a few hours left until I'm free!!!

Despite the rainy forecast, this weekend is all about relaxing. Don't try to get me on my phone. I won't be watching any P&R on my tablet. No football (sad face). Just fresh air and campfires. Maybe I'll go to sleep and not wake up until Monday evening. Ahh....that's the dream.


Ladies group met last night (finally) for week #2 of To Live is Christ, To Die is Gain. What does a mature christian life look like? Well, my answer: I don't know; and that's the point. My life IS maturing in Christ because I'm constantly seeking. None of us have it figured out, so if we're all still
  • searching
  • reaching
  • trying
  • praying
  • retrying
  • dying
  • loving
  • falling
  • failing
  • praying
....then we are, in fact, maturing. So me trying, that's me maturing, and that's a mature christian life...to me.

On with the food and festivities. See you back here Tuesday when we'll do all the things, like running, eating, sleeping, and being generally miserable because we probably forgot our bobby pins or sweatpants! Yay!

....always look for an adultier adult that can adult better than you.


  1. Is your 2DiG series by Matt Chandler? I have watched a couple of those, I should do this series with you, but remotely.


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