10 Planks and a dresser to boot

Bathroom update!!!!!!!

I stayed up late because I couldn't stand it. There was flooring to be installed, who can sleep at a time like that?

Here is (almost) the starting line. I had already pulled some of the linoleum up so I could inspect the sub-floor. The flooring wasn't glued to the sub-floor at all! While that is maddening because it was lazy, it turned out to be a help because I didn't have to scrape. A 'w' is a 'w'.

Yesterday I mentioned that I liked the bare plywood better than the old linoleum. Here it is (with weird, extra long bathmat that I hate). It's ugly, yes. but wood grain really is better than fake stone speckle, don't you think? Upper right corner behind the tub shows all the patchwork done to smooth out the 437 pieces of plywood someone cut to make a square. Sometimes, people....smh.

I started in the squarest corner of the bathroom, so I could get a straight line. I planned to snap a chalk line for certainty, but didn't get my hands on one before my internal timer ran out of patience. I got 10 planks in before I realized I shouldn't attempt to measure/cut/fit flooring around a tub at 11pm. So far the installed flooring looks great. Fingers crossed it adheres to the floor. (I didn't get the primer, so, we'll see)

I stood in the tub with the shower curtain closed enough so that I could only see the part of the floor that was complete. It was perfect! Now I just have to stay focused and complete it.

This will be difficult as I picked up the dresser I plan to use as a buffet. It's in my possession, which means I'll want to get started on it right away so I can not finish that also. (Let's be honest, how many projects have I actually completed?) My favorite part is the column of 4 mini drawers in the center. This reminds me of a card catalog and we know how much I love those. I don't read much, but the thought of organizing little cards in order so that readers can find their book...what a dream.

 Running out of time

In other news, we are fast approaching daylight savings time, (11/1/15). Why do we still do this? We
aren't saving any daylight, we're losing it at the most important time of day, the end! Every year I'm faced with this problem: when will I run? I run in the mornings sometimes, but only 1-2 miles. When will I do my longer run? I HATE the treadmill, the indoor track will likely be crowded, and laying on the couch is nice but not gonna keep my backside in shape. Every year I talk about this, and every year I try the treadmill, and every year I like it for a few days, and every year I quit running until spring. ...what do you think I'll do this year? Help!


Any current home projects?

Do you run in the dark?


  1. I love to read, would hate to organize a card catalog.

    You should get one of those cool miner helmet light things and wear it while you run in the dark OR convince your employer to be the only one in town who doesn't honor daylight savings time so you can stay on schedule.

    1. I have access to one of those lights, but I'm really liking your idea for my employer. What if we keep the end of day time the same, but, we honor the roll back for the morning? That way I get to "fall back" to sleep in the morning, but get out of work with a little daylight left?


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