Spring cleaning and doing all the things!

Good Tuesday to you!!!!

It is soup-er muggy here today. Tomorrow looks like a stormy day, so today we run. By we I mean me; and by run I mean make my ponytail bounce as I move at a speed slightly faster than a walk.

Our computer system went down at work before I had even finished my morning coffee at home. Who gets the call? Me. The girl that doesn't own a computer or have the internet; or know how to use her smartphone totally; or how to use an iPod (that she can't find. more on that later)  We got it back up and running at 4:22pm. You can imagine my day. I think in the future I'll just get a big ball of wires to wrap around me so everyone will believe I'm working on the issue.

So my iPod. I have a little shuffle that clips on. I loaded music on it in about...oh....2006? I've never updated it. I lost it in 2012 when I clipped it to a box in my closet. It was reunited with me last summer (2014). I used it one whole time, and lost it again. Dang. I have the charger though! I need one for my 1/2 marathon this month, but don't want to buy a new one. A: because I don't have my own computer/iTunes. 2: I don't want to put music on it. If anyone has one they would loan me for just one day, with upbeat music, I'd totally preesh. I'll even buy one for a reasonable price if it's preloaded with cool songs. Think about it!

Oh, spring cleaning. Yes. Not really, but while looking for my iPod I unearthed many things that needed to go. Old pictures, I hate throwing those out but sometimes it's necessary, broken cheap jewelry, cards, receipts, check stubs (shredded, don't worry), dust, and hair. Plus that really ugly purse I never should have bought, and never used. And price/size tags off clothing. Why did I have so many of them? Everywhere!!  I also found my old hand wraps. Remember when I was training to be an MMA fighter?!

And now, because I know you're begging for it.....RANDOM PICTURES!!!

This portion of my lawn is left untouched on purpose. These cute flowers open all over, everyday. He doesn't have to buy me flowers, he has left them for me each time the sun comes out.

Mom sent me some seeds to plant. We don't know what they are. We'll be surprised together!!

Chocolate chip cookies with raspberry extract. Not ruined; total amazing.


Finally, my favorite pins of the week (one has a bad word, look the other way):


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