Monday, and I'm not the prom queen.

Don't you dare be chipper today. You are not allowed to read this if you got enough sleep. I'm running off of very little. Let me just tell you about it.

After a long Saturday night (see fairytale section below) I was up at 8am Sunday planting Co-garden. I was gone Friday and Saturday while attending the BGCO Women's retreat, causing me to miss the better opportunities to plant. They were dying on the counter, something had to be done! So, plant, shower, off to worship. Chicken strip bonanza lunch. NAP. Mmmm, you know I like me some naps. He calls it face-down-couch-time. Good name for it. Mine is more slack-jawed-drool-time. Do you drool? I do. A lot. It's not the same as spit. It's cuter and endearing. Yes it is. ...yes it is. On to church workshop, then laundry-fest. Whoopie! After some visiting and a bit more napping I came to the realization it was not late at night, but early in the morning (like 1:20am early). My sheets were still in the washer, damp comforter insert in the dryer. Have you ever slept on a throw blanket under a comforter cover? I don't recommend it. 5am, walk with neighbor at the track.

Don't. Smile. At. Me.

Ok, you can smile. I'm actually in a lovely mood today, albeit a bit sleepy. God keeps the good going when there is good to be done. Well, God and coffee. I sure hope there is coffee in heaven; along with bacon and fried pies.

Women's Retreat

Check out Annie Downs if you have a chance. She spoke at our conference 4/17 - 4/18 in a super session titled "What more do you want?" A very down to earth, raw, kind-hearted girl that just wants to know God's plan. She is honest about being lost at times, and encourages you to embrace that and let God show you how to get through it, and past it! Quit hiding behind what you've settled for, waiting for what may never come. Get out there and enjoy what you do have and see what else is in store!

I got out from under my regular camera filter and discovered one called Beauty Face. I'm in love with myself now.

This is what happens when you take a selfie, of yourself, by yourself, and somehow aren't ready. 


 Remember those things I planted although I didn't know their identity?

 Here is what they look like a week later. Still a mystery, but they sure look like they may be big. Hope they aren't man eating plants.
 Co-garden, in the dirt. Two rows of okra that he wanted. They are looking strong so far. This will be the first year I've tried to growkra (haha). 

Fairytale Time!!!

You know how prom was stupid in high school? Try going in your 30s. It's so much better. 
Thanks to the best interior designer/event coordinator around for putting on such a beautiful prom for the local high school. I know they felt like celebrities that night.

How did we not get Prom King and Queen? 


Gourmet organic snowcones. Mine (left) is blackberry lavender. I hope these are in heaven.

 (ignore the poor use of the point-making God reference) This is 100% maddeningly correct. Stupid English language.

This is me today. Thanks to church camp, prom, and late night chit-chat. 
Based on the previous sentence it seems that I will be turning 16 years old this year. Oh, my, me.

In honor of Monday, here's some math-ality for you.


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