I Need To Breathe, you Need To Breathe, and I need to remind you it's KHAKI THURSDAY!

HELLO!  I hope you're wearing your khakis. If not, you may have your blog reading rights revoked! On second thought, you might be my only reader, so...read on cargo shorts, or jeans, or maxi skirt, read on.

Are you thankful for today yet? Take a moment and let the thought sink in. Are you smiling yet? I am. I am tired. I would rather be laying on my couch than working. I'm certain that playing in the sun would benefit me more right now than sitting under these fluorescent lights.

I can think of a dozen things I'd rather be doing right now, but since I'm not doing those things, I'm going to rejoice in the right now. Won't you join me?

...there it is. Feel that smile? Yeah you do.

On to the stuff!
Just Breathe

Last night was the Need To Breathe concert in Grand Prairie. We had such a great time. Pit tickets gave us the opportunity to feel more involved in the experience. Standing for 4 hours on concrete is a bit rough (at our age...or he'd say my 'advanced' age) so I'm glad I wore semi-comfortable shoes.

Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors were a great opener. Their style reminded me of Ray LaMontagne (which you know I HEART), and set up the evening with a very chill vibe. Need To Breathe changed that though. They told us we were about to lose our minds, and we did. Well, at least the energy was high and I did see some fist pumping.

Not many bands sound good live. Need To Breathe delivered in a big way though. Spot on, on key, clear, awesome vocals. The light show behind them was amazing, and really added punch to the set. They had 2 trap sets, maracas, a banjo, and a harmonica. I get excited when bands have variety in instruments.

The venue was a good size. Not massive to the point you feel overwhelmed or lost. The parking was adequate, once you got into the lot. It was overpriced in my opinion though. You've already paid a pretty penny to get in, so I don't agree with $15-$30 for parking.

Getting to the Verizon theater was a little frustrating. Everywhere in Texas is plagued by construction and accidents. This combination, on top of it being rush hour, made for some tense moments. Getting back to the highway (the easy way) was just as troublesome, as it was late, we were tired, it was dark, and people in Texas don't know how to not be jerks on the road. We did finally get on 75N, and out of the monster-plex metroplex. Thank you Love's for Cosmic brownies and Mountain Dew.

Overall I give the night a big thumbs up. It was energetic, fun, bright, and positive. Aside from a few spilled drinks on the floor, and some seriously poor dance skills to be witnessed, I'd say everyone had a good night. I know I did.

(there is that dumb smile again)


Co-garden didn't wash away in our week of rain. It's beginning to look strong and healthy.
I've been put to task to make sure the okra survives, as it is a serious matter. Serious. Okra or death.

The remainder of the week and weekend I'm booked up with things, but I have to squeeze in a little farming time. Since the plants are all getting tall I need to stake them asap.

Although we usually pray for rain in southern Oklahoma, I'm praying for sunshine right now. I need that ground to dry up just a little. Lord, don't send a drought though, I'm sure that would be my fault....

Being rooted in your faith is often compared to a big, strong tree. Deep down you should have a system of strongholds, keeping you grounded, upright, and stable. God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Putting your faith roots in Him will always be the right choice.

In many other areas of life I think we should be rooted like an okra plant. Put there with intention, praying for growth, and in need of care. Strong and purposeful, but not so immovable that we would damage those around us to make our foundation. We must be willing to lean on others, to be staked if you will, in order to carry on. Roots deep enough in ourselves that we know what and who we are, but not so deep that we can't be transplanted if it is beneficial. In your weakness He is strong. Be flexible, be vulnerable, be wounded.

I'm learning so much about me in taking the time to observe others. I have had myself so rooted in my own ways, my own views, that I probably didn't realize how many times I hurt someone because I wanted things my way. Crawling down from my mighty oak has allowed me to be more tender, and much more patient. Anger, stubbornness, pride. These were a few of my favorite things. Prayer has helped me to leave those old leaves behind; I now (try to) clothe myself in understanding, patience, and kindness. You don't know how much it can please someone just to have you be calm. Negativity feeds off of negativity. If you can create a peaceful and safe environment, the other 'okra plants' will likely grow and thrive.



You learn new things everyday. What have you learned lately?

Is there someone that is helping tear down walls in your life? Do they know?

Stay rooted. Shallow in you, deep in Christ.


  1. So very deep and philosophical today! I like it!


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